Happy new year from fleurdetroit!

The new year brings fresh ideas, and like most, our dewy eyed, new year’s aspirations are filled with great plans for 2022. Winter days exploring fresh store sets and new floral will soon give way to hellebores in the garden shoppe and the buzzing hustle of a new spring season at fleurdetroit. We have plans to expand the grounds, and add new designs and ornament—thrilling changes to come. As we anticipate the completion of several large landscape projects, we look forward to the beginnings of new as well.

With hopes the Paris design shows will not be cancelled yet again, we await fantastical and unique objects for the home and garden for the new season. Our domestic trips have produced a trove of lovely garden ornament, fresh from years of lounging in their homes on romantic estates.

The last two years have taught all of us at fleurdetroit to appreciate the now, and enjoy and relish the future to come. Our hope for each of you—take the time to plan and anticipate good things crossing the horizon, as we excitedly await this promising new year.