Hello Dear May, Happy to See You Again!

The month that paints the hummingbird’s breast and fills flowers with nectar can never disappoint! As one who likes to garden, I look forward to May’s progress in my woodlands and meadow thickets. I spend the winter walking the gardens, observing wildlife patterns and planning for the planting season. The season is here! It’s time to implement all those garden wishes.

We are now walking through the foyer to the summer months, on the brink of the Gemini moon and the Leo blaze. How I wish I could stop and linger in this beautiful month of May. Her gifts to the northern hemisphere compare to none.

From the bursting colors, on budding branches at the wild edges and city lots, to the woodland floors and the parks, May also ushers in celebrations of mom and the women that we adore. To all women who love and support loved ones, happy Mother’s Day.

Our spring open house is almost upon us, and with that we will be unveiling an unrivalled faux bois collection, Italian-modern terrace containers, and many other finds from both near and far. May’s magic never disappoints around the design campus and atelier. We look forward to welcoming back our gardening friends!