Here we go, January!

“Here we go!”, as Darin often proclaims when we are about to embark on a new project, event, or situation… A New Year certainly deserves this verbal exclamation! Here we go, 2023!

It was the mid 80’s and “1999” was blasting across the airwaves. Prince began the buildup for the new millennium.  Seemingly eons prior to the true rollover, I was young and attempted to dream exactly how my life would unfold. How fast time has blinked by.  

The party (or nonparty in my case) is but a memory, 23 years in the rearview mirror and the realization that some 40 years fluttered by, finding me here writing this message for our teenage company. They grow up so fast! Might I mention, although fleurdetroit was unplanned, I could not be happier in life.  My parents always preached that we should find our passions.  What a passion fleurdetroit has become.

So, here we go! A new year and what a year it will be.  The winter buying trips are set to begin, landscape projects and plans are underway, the garden shoppe is filling up with wondrously green life, and floral arrangements are in creation.  Although the wild world seems to be dormant, the halls at fleurdetroit are full of life.  Our teams are certainly top tier in our industry, and we could not be more proud of the experiences that we are able to produce for you.

We look forward to wishing all a happy new year in person! See you in the shoppe!