Hot August Nights

We know the human condition is driven by our experiences, and senses arising from moments laced with sights, sounds, scents and emotions. These memories and moments, annealed into our minds, are transfixed into our individual or collective psyche.

The smell of freshly mown lawns hanging heavy in the late summer humidity always transports me to the summers of my youth at my grandparents’ home. And a bit esoteric or in the least directly dating me—when I feel August coming on, I think about Neil Diamond.

His landmark live recording and double album, “Hot August Nights,” imprinted on my young mind these iconic songs: Solitary Man, Sweet Caroline, Cracklin’ Rose, Shiloh and so many others. These songs reigned supreme on the radio, playing during the heat of late summer.

The summer months are giving way to fall, and August is that border month that defines the season, allowing us time to embrace summer fun before things wind down. I’m sure all can relate that the list of sensory cues grows longer as we age.

Much like reflecting on this year from a late summer perspective, I too reflect on life from my position in the “August of my life.” My “year” to date has been a great life and I look forward to the growth, memories to come, and sensory triggers still waiting to tickle my nose and ear. Life is good when little moments are celebrated, and August is always a gateway to my favorite time of the year, AUTUMN! But, let’s not rush past the moment of today.

August at fleurdetroit is busy with activity. The new floral collection is here, the shoppes are stacked with summer product and fall collections, and we are introducing a first-time event, “The Warehouse Blowout Sale!” We are shaking out the rafters and offering up treasures, objects, materials, and “things” for blow out prices, to make room for new merchandise to come. We are taking the Marie Kondo approach and getting ready for 2023! Be sure to follow us on social or check the website for details to come.

Relish the last throes of summer with friends and family, and fill the air waves with some classic Neil Diamond tunes!