How To: A Custom Terrarium

Terrariums have been around for many years and have recently made a comeback in interior design trends. These easy-to-make and maintain decorative gardens have endless possibilities and fit in all design aesthetics.

An Accidental Invention

The original terrarium was invented in the Victorian era by English botanist, Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward—by accident. While observing moth behavior, Ward accidentally left one jar unattended and a fern spore grew, which germinated into a plant. The terrarium was born, and the trend quickly spread; known as the Wardian case.

Make Your Own Terrarium

Choose a glass container that is fully or partially enclosed to allow heat and light to enter and allow for airflow. Layer the bottom of your vessel with lava rocks and orchid bark to trap moisture. Pick a selection of plants, in our case a variety of succulents, and remove them from their containers.

Remove excess soil from each plant, and lightly loosen the roots. Gently place into your vessel, with careful consideration for placement and scale. Continue to add more plants until reaching your desired look.

Finishing Touches

Add in any filler like stones or moss, to elevate the look of the terrarium. Use terrarium plant tools to make any adjustments and to remove anything obstructing the design. We embellished by adding a cute lead turtle to finish the design and personalize it.

Terrariums are a great activity for any gardening level. They have endless design potential and make great custom pieces for gifts or for centerpieces for your space. Try your hand at one this summer!