How To: A Lovely Dish Garden

Dish gardens are like cut floral arrangements—but with plants. Planting a dish garden is a great way to showcase plants with similar care requirements in an exquisite container to be enjoyed as they develop. They also make lovely gifts and have a longer shelf life than cut flowers. These mini gardens are on trend and can be integrated into any design aesthetic.

Choose Your Container

Before settling into a design, you must choose your vessel. Keep in mind a preferred location to display your final piece with regards to both light and space. We choose an outstanding glass piece by Gommaire, a Belgian decor company with organic design concepts, and new product line to fleurdetroit. The clear glass vessel will allow the plants stand out.

Prep for Planting

A mixture of rocks and activated charcoal is the first layer in our dish garden. This will allow your planting to have proper drainage. A mixture of orchid bark and potting mix is added next. Finally, moss that has been soaked in water lines the outer rim of the container. This will help create a polished look for our planting.

Add in Your Plants

Choose plants that complement each other both in care requirements, color and styles. Keeping a Valentine's Day theme, we focused our design around a heart shaped ivy ring—subtle, but a cute ode to the season of love. We filled in our planting with other standout plants like peperomia, streptocarpella, ferns, and a beautiful orchid. The balance of flowering plants to foliage creates a pleasing look.

Finishing Touches

Once you've finished planting, add in additional moss or soil where necessary. Place your planting in a warm and sunny spot, water it appropriately and watch it grow.

Dish gardens are a great alternative for a gift. They can be placed in many places in the home or office and are the perfect amount of green—especially during drab winter months. The plant possibilities are endless with a one-of-a-kind dish garden.