How To: A Showstopping Fall Wreath

There's nothing better than a beautiful fall grapevine wreath embellished in the season's best natural materials to bring in the new season. Here’s our favorite step-by-step process for creating a custom wreath—a wonderful addition to any home for fall!

Gather Your Supplies
  • Floral Clippers
  • Chenille Stems
  • 15-Gauge Wire
  • Velvet Mocha Ribbon
  • 20" Grapevine Wreath
  • Dried Bittersweet Vines
  • Preserved Rice Flower
  • Bleached Willow Branches
  • Dried Millet and Craspedia
Start the Process
  1. Separate your dried willow into two piles.
  2. Individually insert your willow lengthwise into the core of the grapevine wreath.
  3. Start by layering the willow pieces from longest to shortest, focusing on your center point.
  4. Using the same technique, fill in the wreath with the rice flower pieces.
  5. Pull apart the bittersweet vines and insert the longest pieces into the core of the wreath first, working outward. Trim your vines as necessary, but keep in mind long-winding pieces create a sense of dimension.
  6. Use the remaining bittersweet as filler, as needed.
  7. Use your smallest stems last, like the millet and Craspedia to accentuate your wreath and add a nice pop.
Finishing Touches

To hold everything in place, take your wire and create hairpins by folding them in half to create a “V” shape. Push the pins through the wreath, making sure to catch the loose stems, and secure by twisting the wire in the back of the wreath.

Cut the ribbon to your desired length and tie a bow in the center of the picks. Finally, wrap your chenille stem around the wreath and create a loop to be able to hang your creation.

Using these basic steps, modify your wreath to your liking. Add embellishments like dried foliage and seed pods. Get creative and enjoy the addition of something handmade this season!