It is Better to be a Young June Bug than an Old Bird of Paradise

“It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise.”
– Mark Twain

Well Mr. Twain, I do agree that typically the bloom of youth is favorable, however, a Kafkian reference to a beetle is frightful to say the least! There is a season for all things and in June we celebrate youth and new, unbridled growth everywhere.   

The landscape teams are at the apex of a few multiyear projects and the resulting environments are awe inspiring. The conveyer of design keeps moving along the calendar as they break ground on more exciting projects.   

Our interior plant team has been decking the halls of many impressive homes with verdant life. We offer interior plant design and weekly care. Set up a consultation today with one of house plant experts. 

Summer parties are beginning to be scheduled; our events team will beguile you with their grasp on inspiration and execution. Call for a personalized appointment to chat party!    

The summer floral collection is now live on the website. The bright colors of summer blooms are sure to bring cheer to all! What’s new on the design campus, you ask? We are fully stocked with unusual bedding plants and topiary for your containers and gardens. Fresh new summer lines are landing in the interiors showroom and garden shoppe building. Many good things are happening and in the works! Joseph and I are so very proud of our team and our baby, fleurdetroit. For those who have not visited us this season, stop in and see the transformation of our retail experience. We always look forward to chatting garden, design, and objet with our client friends! See you in the shoppe!  

Remember to celebrate dad and the other men in your life this month. Gift cards and treasures are to be found in the design campus!  

Even in the business of June, remember to take those garden walks and be kind to yourself. Happy June!