January and Our Northern Gardenscapes

The winter solstice ushered in a wave of warm weather. The upper 50-degree weather breached the 60-degree mark briefly, long enough to soak in the springlike vibes on one of my many garden walks that week. The cardinals and chickadees danced in the branches, as they too knew, this anomaly of temperature was a gift before the winter slumber sets in.  

Weather patterns around the globe are in flux. If these patterns are part of a larger series of historical climate cycles or in fact exasperated by human actions, one thing is certain: our climate patterns in Michigan have radically changed in my lifetime. I, like the wild creatures in the garden and my small flock of chicken girls, take these benign weather blips as gifts to celebrate. As a gardener however, I don’t like my flora getting so confused. We need a deep freeze to set the tone for winter slumber. Nature needs to fall into a frozen-REM sleep without these false springlike starts. Until that freeze comes, one can find us celebrating the mild breezes in the garden. January is here and we will eventually get that slumber, Michigan weather doesn’t disappoint! All is not always quiet on New Year’s Day and the winter slumber still feels seasons away.   

Joe and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us, our teams, and of course fleurdetroit over the years. We have always wanted the design campus to be a place to gather, find wonderous objects, and of course have energized conversations. There are many that make our organization successful, and we are grateful for these efforts.    

What’s happening now at fleurdetroit? Our teams are taking this time in January to set the shoppes with new finds and new “looks.” We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of a whole new space devoted to our curated antique, vintage, and fascinating tabletop pieces. We have been seeking and gathering precious decorative arts pieces and furniture that will certainly add that collected look to any interior. Domestic and European garden ornament that once held residency on many fabulous and tawny estates has been procured and will be available this spring. The slumber of the January garden is lost on our teams. They will be in full swing when the freeze eventually hits!  

Remember, wintertime is the best time to send flowers to friends and family. We all need a little smile once the slush season sets in!  

Where will January find you? Wherever you may be, remember to be good to yourself and take moments to just be. Enjoy the fresh start in this, the new year!