March Is Here!

Heralding in the month of March and riding a free-born mustang both have a wild ride in common. Saddle up friends, March is here! What a burden the little month of March must shoulder—the rodeo between both wintery mixes and spring rumbles can leave the hardiest of souls bumped and bruised. Have faith! As all of us know, these four weeks eventually heed the call of Persephone. 

These two divergent weather patterns slam into one another creating the bucking weather patterns that eventually bring spring. Relinquishing its hold, winter concedes the battle and the gatekeeping activities of March come to an end. The lamb of spring emerges, and a new calm sets the renewal of the garden in motion. 

Here we go friends, and here we go at fleurdetroit! Deliveries from near and far are arriving, bringing ample new pieces for a fresh spring set in the retail spaces. The cutting edge and trendy objects are soon to mix, once again, with loved and classic designs for the garden and home.    

As we enter March, I am left with disbelief at how quickly our winter (or lack of) rolled by this year. The anticipation of the spring season is real, and the new season is nearly upon us. Spring is a mere ruckus ride through March. Hang on and away we go.