May Perfection

On May mornings, just prior to the crisp air giving way to the sun’s touch, new life stirs. The spring season is assuredly in full swing. This year we have been lucky to have a paragon of blooming trees, free from the bite of frost or shredding from aggressive rain, and all fully laden with the scents of heaven. This May we can celebrate perfection if perfection could possibly exist.

We certainly exalt the spring here at fleurdetroit for all that she brings to the gardens and attitudes. New starts and fresh beginnings abound. Sharing the stage with Lady Spring, are all mothers and those special women who have brought so many wonderful things to our collective lives. The team wishes all these special women the best the season brings. Joe and I personally want to wish our mommas a Happy Mother’s Day with extra attention towards our deep love and gratitude for all the life lessons and love they bestowed on us. We certainly are the men we have become due to their selfless attention to our upbringing.  

In the shoppes we are naturally geared towards spring! New containers are being unveiled and plants and flowers arrive weekly. The push is fierce to deck the courtyards with the showiest and most loved flowers for summer plantings to purchase. The hive is certainly busy here as the team readies the rafters for the season.

Our Mother’s Day floral collection has been curated to show mom just how much love you have for her. Check the website for quick and thoughtful browsing options. Of course, our brand is bespoke, and anything is possible beyond the online selections to send to mom. Call or stop in to discuss your wishes with our floral team.

In the buzz of the season, remember to take time to enjoy these fine moments that mother nature provides for us. Allow yourself time for your senses to be dazzled and remember to always be kind to yourself. The little things just don’t matter in the long run!