Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Kwanzaa too!

For the fleurdetroit retail crew, the buzz of the holiday season begins with a low murmur in June when most of the holiday décor arrives in the warehouses—far removed from the natural order of things, now at a feverish pitch! Despite our yearlong immersion in retail holiday planning, when the November winds blow and Thanksgiving gives way to December, the spirit of the season injects that St. Nick adrenaline into our veins, and the merriment seems as fresh as the first ice storm ushering in the holiday season.

Here we are! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Kwanzaa too! Never has our website been so detailed and chock full with quick-click picks. Never have the shoppes been so adorned with all sorts of objects and bobbles to create holiday memories.

With such talented teams, Joe and I are proud to welcome The Holiday Season for 2022. We would like to thank everyone who continues to shop our halls and support our visions. Unique retail gems are a rarified luxury in our changing times, so please, do come visit to experience the fleurdetroit world of design. We strive to bring the “best of” to all of our departments, year round.

May the holidays be kind to all, and bring love and solace to each of you and your families!