Poterie de la Madeleine Collection

Poterie de la Madeleine is the specialist in manufacturing authentic Anduze vases, Mazagran planters and bacs à oranger made in France, dating back to the early 1700s. Today, Poterie de la Madeleine is owned and operated by a small family. The outstanding craftsmanship, passion for the product, and a respect for authenticity have allowed Poterie de la Madeleine to become a name synonymous with French Anduze pottery.

Poterie de la Madeleine Signature Designs

Well known for their potteries that produce colorful garden containers, the area known as Anduze in France has been supplying large scale garden pottery to kings, queens and garden aficionados for centuries. The technique of the handmade pottery in this region is centuries old and was allegedly inspired by a Medici vase. The pieces are prized by collectors and often handed down in families, treated as precious garden heirlooms.

My Personal Collection

I possess several old pieces that have the tell-tale handmade La Madeleine Anduze signature embedded into the large-bodied forms. I particularly enjoy the ritual packing and storing and then restaging the pots each year. Much like treasured relationships, my clay and glazed friends get special treatment as I store them each season, and a hearty ‘welcome back to the garden’ each spring. The work is offset by the sheer elegance and personality they lend to my garden spaces.

Available at fleurdetroit

fleurdetroit is fortunate to have developed a strong working relationship with several smaller potteries, including Poterie de la Madeleine. Over the years we have imported a mix of the best traditional styles and designs—but this season our shipment arrived with some truly beautiful modern takes on traditional forms. The European container that just cleared customs is filled with beautiful forms and black clay vessels.

Although the shipping container was packed to the roof, supply is limited, and many pieces have been pre-sold. If a modern take on this traditional pottery is of interest, please contact the shoppe (vite vite!) as pieces are selling quickly!