Room to Bloom: Summer Container Plantings

Our container design team diligently begins planting summer containers as soon as the weather breaks at the end of May. Our clients include a mix of residential and businesses, with planters in varying sizes and locations. For some of our clients, we create two planters at the front door, and for others we plant a mixture of up to 30 containers throughout their property. No matter how grand a container job is, our team uses the same design basics for each one.

Planning Before Planting

All containers are designed pre-installation in our studio by our lead container designer, Jenny Kinney. She uses careful consideration for the size of the planter, location, and the client’s personal preferences. She then sources all plants needed for the season, filling our greenhouse with lush beauty. Jenny and her team then carefully schedule and plant on-site to create gorgeous, seasonal masterpieces.

Plant Variety

Our team works with a wide variety of plant cultivars, both common and rare. Color palettes vary from bold and colorful to classic monochromatic. Some are low and lush, and some are tall and showy—all designed to work within the environment where they are planted.

The true beauty of seasonal containers is to revisit them a few weeks after settling in. In the height of summer, the plants have had time to grow and weave together, creating gorgeous designs. Our team puts a lot of effort and attention to detail in the work the create, and it truly shows.