Spring Indoors with Potted Bulbs

With the ongoing rush of daily life, why not take advantage of some everyday sources to bring a bit of spring inside. The ebb and flow of the seasons still manages to break into our programmed lives and give us these environmental cues. So why not indulge in these senses wrapped in cellophane? Take a few moments to be in the moment, and appreciate the change in season.

Grocery Store Darlings 

This time of year—still trapped in a cycle of winter weather with hints of summer sun—finds us in the usual places grabbing groceries for dinner or staples for the week. During these forays of foraging the local markets and groceries stores, we often find neat little pots of colorful bulbs wrapped in cellophane. But what to do with these bulbs in grow pots? Follow a few easy steps to make these grocery store gems truly shine in a polished interior.  


Devise Your Design

Choose any container that looks great in your interior space. Keep in mind, it’s also ok to experiment and juxtapose the styles, modern in a traditional space or vice versa. These bulbed treasures are ethereal and nothing needs to be too serious.

For this, we chose some Muscari armeniacum plants to use in a few smaller French containers.

Don’t be afraid to bust apart the bulbs and their roots masses to separate the bulbs for replanting into the containers. Sometimes a simple mono-planting scheme is best for smaller containers.

Sometimes I like separating the bulbs and gently washing the roots. I like the look of these naked bulbs when placed on trays or in bowls on top of books in the den or front reading room. They act as an offering of sorts to the goddess of spring. I certainly think Persephone would approve!

A Mix of Treasures

Often, we use our collected treasures as vessels at home. These pieces meld into our environment and give us a chance to utilize them as they once would have been used, before they took on the cloak of preciousness. When we use our more valuable pieces, we take extra precautions to line the vessel with plastic, to ensure no water can penetrate porous surfaces causing effervescence on the surface of these pieces.  

Spring bulbs and other spring flowering plants are wonderful additions to interior spaces. Don’t be afraid to take on one of these simple projects, to bring a little spring inside.