Spring Is Here in Store!

A year of bobbing about on this sea of uncertainty has left many of us more grounded to family and home. Although the horizon is in sight, and it feels as if we have a resolution coming, we should remain rooted in our connection to our environments and family.

As we reassess the important areas of our lives, we look for inspiration. Amongst the darkness that may be found today, there is always the beacon of beautiful living through uplifting design. The fleurdetroit team is committed to being a bright spot in your life. The healing nature of plants and flowers and the inspiration drawn from our spaces are always just a visit or phone call away.

Friends, today marks the launch of the new fleurdetroit Journal—sharing information on various topics centering around design, plants, flowers, gardens, and other related interests. We are certain each monthly iteration will bring fun, intrigue and joy, all told through the eyes of our talented team members and the greater fleurdetroit family.  

We invite you and yours to join our family on this continuing adventure.

Phillip & Joe