Summer Maximalism: Italian Inspired

Setting the table to entertain starts with a vision. A summer dinner party is a great time to play with your tableware and create a spread that’s both practical and playful. The basis for our design was Oriente Italiano, a vibrant and intricate tableware collection inspired by oriental porcelain produced by Richard Ginori. Mixed with other vintage pieces, this tablescape breaks the rules on a traditional matching set.

A Colorful Collection

The Oriente Italiano tableware collection is already a perfect setting for mixing and matching—offering a variety of bold colors for the eclectic palette. The plates are offered in ten different colors including: Albus, Iris, Barium, Azalea, Vermilion, Mauve, Powder, Malachite, Periwinkle and Citrine. In general, Ginori designs have a rich history and beautiful craftsmanship that are both unique and exquisite. We mix in other vintage plateware to show how informal is okay when designing a tablesetting. Playing with precious and everyday pieces creates a bold and practical design.

Don’t Forgo Proper Etiquette

We’re all for mixing and matching styles, colors, and patterns—but remember to stay consistent with proper table etiquette. Depending on what you serve, don’t feel obligated to use every piece of flatware in the set. However, whichever pieces you decide to use should be properly placed. That same theory holds true for your plateware and glassware. Being consistent with formality but using fun patterns will help create a cohesive look.

Playing with Pattern

Our bold look introduces lots of pattern. From the plate designs to table linens, it is a very lively look. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns. Design inspiration can be pulled from any source—your venue, your menu, or in this case, a gorgeous set of dishes. There is no wrong design with a maximalist look, and you’re certain to set a table that is an immediate conversation starter.