A Ten-Year Anniversary is Celebrated!

More often than not, in the office or shoppe, one can hear someone shouting, “TIFFANY…!” Whether the shouts are from employees or customers, everyone knows Tiffany is the go-to gatekeeper of all the institutional knowledge at fleurdetroit.  

Ten years ago, Tiffany answered an ad for a position in the rear floral workhouse.  After the group interview, I pulled her aside from the gathered group and told her that she would be a far better fit for a position working with me.  We jokingly say, I saved her from washing vases all day long... I knew immediately that she was someone special and I wanted her to have a larger role at fleurdetroit. I was accurate with my gut feeling about her. She certainly has proven me right and has added an immense amount to fleurdetroit.  

She has become a dear friend to me personally due to a myriad of traits that she possesses.  Her honesty and mindful disposition make her a great friend and respected leader in our organization. 

She disarms most situations and quickly resolves problems with these traits.  Clients and employees are always at ease with her and accept what she may contribute to conversations as solid information.  A sounding board for me, her honest opinions and interpretations make her an invaluable addition to our company. She is the first to lend a hand when needed and the last to leave the office when we are in full drive.   

Tiffany’s dedication to the company is felt by all.  We wanted to feature her and congratulate her on her ten years with fleurdetroit.  With the warmest congratulations to her, Joe and I are happy to celebrate Tiffany and her ten-year anniversary with us. To anyone that has had interactions with her over the years, please extend a hearty congratulations to this fine lady from the central office!