The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Our Favorites

'Tis the season of gift giving! We gathered a collection of favorite finds to help ease the shopping process. Treat your loved ones or yourself this holiday season!

Shop from: Tracy's Top Picks, the Bartender, Tiffany's Top Picks, those Cozy at Home, the Baking Enthusiast, the Home Chef, the Party Guest, Mia's Top Picks, Phillip's Top Picks, the Garden Lover, the Holiday Host.

fleur Favorites: Tracy's Top Picks

Tracy's design aesthetic gravitates toward bold and colorful items. This mix of home items are trendy, playful and the perfect pop of color.

For the Bartender

There's nothing better than entertaining with a signature cocktail. Our collection of bar items is certain to elevate anyone’s home bar—master mixologists and enthusiasts alike.

fleur Favorites: Tiffany's Top Picks

Tiffany's aesthetic leans toward natural elements, with a hint toward the mystical and whimsical. Her collection is a perfect mix of wondeful and witchy home accents.

For those Cozy at Home

Better cozy up if you're planning on staying home for the holidays. This collection will help bring the warmth and calm to your favorite spot at home.

For the Baking Enthusiast

Baking with family and friends is one of the sweetest parts of the holidays. Our collection of items for the bakers in your life are a mix of enamel, resin and olive wood—all certain to elevate your baking essentials.

For the Home Chef

We've got our Food Network fanatic friends covered this season. Our collection of kitchen items are unique and well made, and will add the perfect amount of fun to anyone's island.

For the Party Guest

Whether you're heading to a holiday dinner party with friends, or meeting your future in-laws for the first time—don't show up empty handed! These gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression.

fleur Favorites: Mia's Top Picks

Mia's design aesthetic is inspired by an impressionist painting—rich textures and bold colors with an emphasis on beautiful natural mediums.

fleur Favorites: Phillip's Top Picks

Phillip is all things woodland wonder. His collection speaks to his love of moody candlelight, all things gardening and an admiration of life's tiniest creatures.

Mossed Amaryllis Bulb

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For the Garden Lover

It's no surprise we're year-round fresh flower lovers over here. Here are some perfect floral finds to celebrate the garden lovers in your life.

The Flower Hunter

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For the Holiday Host

Hosting your friends and family this year? Spice up your tablescape and charcuterie spread with some elegrant new serving peices.

The Outdoor Table

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