The Chicken Girl Gang Turns One!

Another trip around the sun, and just like that, the girls turn one. Here’s to wishing my COVID babies a Happy 1st Birthday. Happiest “hatch” day to Barbara, Joyce, Cindy, Marie, Patsy (Jenny), and of course Judy!

Love and Care

Much like a brooding mother hen, I followed their every move over the year. I made sure they were safe and filled with good food and love. Every morning and every night, I was there to ensure they had a good night’s sleep and were tucked up on their perches in the coop. My flock of girls gave reason to be outdoors, taught me the power of observation and furthered my appreciation for all creatures great and small.

Jenny (Patsy) and Judy

The rewards for this unapologetic care continue to unfold. The love they show in their little chicken hearts is expressed in so many ways and each has the most distinct personality. Each has a unique way of communicating with me and I with them—I have become quite a chicken linguist.

Judy, my explorer, is always bivouacking here and there. Her favorite spot to nap is inside this old French garden container from the Anduze region in France (visit the shoppe for beautiful vessels like this).

With two acres of gardens to explore, the girls have found a rhythmic routine in their daily foraging. The gardens are now nearly slug-free, and happy to receive the little gifts they leave in their wake.

Cindy, my wild girl, sounds more like a screech owl than a poultry princess.

Clean and Tidy

The ladies produce the most beautiful eggs each day, making my morning visit to the coop a visual thrill. My fastidious cleaning of their stick folly/mansion allows each visit to be a positive experience with the girls. With the proper upkeep, I have yet to understand the negative stigma chickens get from the wider world. I consider these feathered friends the ultimate teachers for all things good.

This journey has been a path of appreciation and wonderment for the special world our animal friends inhabit. Because of the time I devote to them, I can decode their language through their many clucks, babbles and murmurs. Some friends have laughed at me, but after visiting with my brood, they come to understand the magical humor chickens bring to the outdoor environs at Stratton House.

It feels great to be at a point on my journey where I can allow myself time to truly experience the wonder of life and the ebb and flow of the everyday with such peace.

I, like many, have spent years with the inability to unplug from societal pressures and so give thanks to the unintended gift the pandemic year has provided. This year has given us all a chance to reload and restart down paths of healthier connections with the world at large and with ourselves. My birthday brood continues to bring such joy to our life at Stratton House.