The Magic That Struck in September

The magic that struck in September so many years ago…  

Over a decade ago, in the very month of September, Joe and I decided to begin collecting, importing, and more importantly curating a collection of garden ornament for use in our landscape projects. This initial trip to Europe was the jumping off point for fleurdetroit. We wanted to create a space that evoked a welcoming energy for all to experience design through our eyes.

Of course, we were all about selling great garden ornament, but soon realized the community we were building and attracting was craving the environments we created just as much. From the busiest of souls just wanting a break from life, to the solitary senior wanting to share stories, our fleurdetroit became a mecca of sorts … and we soon realized that we ourselves needed that component in our very own lives. As the years clipped by, fleurdetroit evolved to include the departments as they stand today. We have grown and spread across the current campus, adding spaces and employees; each unique for the gifts that they bring to the organization.   

In the early days, we wore many hats and had to do almost everything to develop our brand as one that exemplifies chic quality and curated design. Today, with the help of many specialized teams, fleurdetroit is a fine enterprise catching the attention of many across the country. Of course this makes us proud, but we are even more proud and grateful to maintain a brick-and-mortar oasis that welcomes everyone to experience our world with a smile and friendly hello. We maintain that good design should be approachable without the affectations that are often associated with elevated brands.   

We owe an immense amount of gratitude to those who have supported our landscape firm in the early years, the clients that patronize our shoppes, our families, our talented staff and creative teams. Of course, a special mention to the half dozen ultra-chic and posh older men and woman who helped shape our styles and ability to navigate the waters with discretion and discernment. We owe far more than I can write to this group of people that lived fabulous lives and were willing to take us under their wings when we were younger. We also acknowledge just how much more we can learn, and hope to pass our knowledge on to those coming up behind us.   

So, you see, September has become one of those yearly markers that I use to appreciate the growth of fleurdetroit and take time to think about the many people that have helped lift us up in this world as we found our path.