The Who's Who of fleurdetroit

As the October owls fly and HOOT into the autumn eve, I would love to share HOOT makes up the talented fleurdetroit family! From the warm hellos and design conversations of our retail staff to the fleur-ishly talented designers in the floral department, or the boots on the ground of our landscape teams—all contribute to the fleurdetroit experience that Joe and I set out to build and cultivate.  

I would love to introduce the people that make the fleurdetroit experience stand out.

The Retail Team!


We are privileged to benefit from Cyndie’s experience in the design world. Her aesthetic, taste and self-assured confidence in design brings a high level of service to the clientele that seek out her opinions in the shoppe. This is Cyndie!  


The universe brought to us one fantastic spirit and good friend, by the hiring of Mia. With her shrewd eye and well-rounded background in art and design, her position as one of our buyers has allowed our retail offerings to rise above most things offered in this market. When not helping to curate that perfect fleurdetroit experience, one can find Mia at the DIA volunteering as a docent extraordinaire. Meet Mia! But I’m sure everyone already knows Mia because she knows everyone!  


Our saucy and often salty Annette has the snide remarks to match her uncompromising talents in selling the perfect container or object for any project. We adore this lady who put the “S” in snarky! Don’t be fooled, she has the biggest heart of gold and has become a dear friend to all of us and customers of fleurdetroit.  


She trims a mean topiary and is always the first to jump into a project. Once a member of our container department, Ellen now calls retail home. Ellen is fast learning the ropes of the front of the house experience and is always eager to give her opinion.  


She’s a long standing fleurdetroiter and this Cranbrook Art Academy artiste has added to the many textures of artistic leanings in the retail experience. A friend to all, Laura is always willing to spend as much time with clients as needed to make them feel comfortable with objects, containers or plants.  


New to the team, Reni has quickly made her mark on fleurdetroit. Always the first to arrive to open the shoppes, Reni’s steadfast devotion is contagious. A tall gal and with a flare towards flashy pants, Reni is becoming a fixture in retail.  

Hello Events Team!


He has worn many hats over the years at fleurdetroit. It has been an adventure growing the brand, with Darin’s talents as a floral designer, events designer and buyer, the fleurdetroit experience has benefitted from a decidedly modern take on design. His trademark raised eyebrow is just one of his tells that lets the world know, what? Many have experienced the magic that Darin creates, and I have enjoyed the new directions that his eye has taught me to see in floral design.  


New to the team this year, Michelle is the central hub in the Event’s office. A go-to for any answer, I have appreciated her steadfast drive to keep the paperwork flowing and in good standing with clients and vendors. Her ever-present positivity is the medicine needed in this crazy world. Her abilities to pivot and change issues into solutions is handled with such deftness that one hardly remembers the original problem at hand.  


Coming from the world of event production, Aaron ensures that the chaos of production is never seen by the public and the most wonderful experience is had by the guests. The event world often throws curve balls, no matter how well planned an event may be choregraphed, and yet Aaron and his team make it all seem effortless.  


She’s one of the people that helps set the event and then breaks down the fetes. Teaira is new the team but has found her niche in the ecosystem at fleurdetroit with effortless flare.  


Meet Wes! Wes and Teaira work hand in hand to help the teams set up the events. Wes can be seen working in the warehouses, often with cans of spray paint and glue, prepping and building for parties. Like one of Santa’s elves, Wes helps create and pull the proper materials together for each event.  

Landscape Office


Hello, time to meet Joe! With a finely tuned eye for the tiniest detail, his design counsel is sought by many to add that “Joe detail and design” to their projects. Joe and I began our journey in building this brand and company based on several principles. First is the objective to offer beautiful objects for the home and garden. Two, to be approachable by all, and three, to design and produce environments that bring solace through carefully thought-out design. Hello Joe!  


Another Cranbrook graduate, she was with us many years ago and then went on sabbatical. Now Jess has returned to our landscape office, where she works closely with Joe to create designs and programming for beautiful landscape and environmental projects.  


Have you met Linda? We first met Linda when she walked into our Birmingham location so many years ago. A person from the design world, Linda was intrigued by the brand and wanted to be a part of it. She spent the first part of her tenure here in floral, designing and organizing the department. She has now taken on the role as the landscape department’s office manager working her magic. Like many here, Linda has become family and we have welcomed her and her growing family into the world we have assembled.  

Hello Landscape Team!


Our longest tenured employee, Matt, or Peggy as we call him, has been the steady force for making all things “landscape production” happen. His road with fleurdetroit has been long and he has worn many hats over the years with ease and devotion. A genuinely sweet spirit, Peggy has become our family. Everyone counts on Matt to help make them look good as he selflessly contributes the best outcome needed.  


The second longest tenured team member, Juan has been the steady force in the landscape department. One of the funniest people that I know, Juan’s sense of humor is unparalleled at fleurdetroit. His eye for extreme detail is also one of his other traits that make him a valued member of this team.  

"Mustache" Juan

A quiet man, Juan is our dependable soul that can ensure all the materials land at the jobsites without delay. His notable and well-trimmed caterpillar-like lip ornament make him easy to locate on the job.  


Meet Hugo! Mr. H has the talents of the ancient Egyptians or Mayans when it comes to masonry and hardscape construction. Some people have green thumbs. Well, Hugo’s are chisels. This man’s talents and genuinely good spirit have made working with him a real pleasure. A true family man, Hugo fosters an energy that nurtures teamwork.


Have you met Isaac?! Isaac and his brother, Angel, have been affectionately referred to as “the babies” or “the twins” for years, here at fleurdetroit. These brothers have been a steady force of consistently positive energy and strident work ethics. We lost Angel to the restaurant industry as he pursues his talents as a chef! Isaac is another that jumps right into whatever is asked of him with a gusto only present in youth. One can always recognize him on the jobsite by his rockstar smile.  

Landscape Maintenance

The team that keeps the properties and estates quintessentially appearing fleurdetroit !  


My that’s a pretty beard, Mike. This character is easily recognized by his giant beard and hearty laugh. Mike’s talents for gardening and “trimming,” ornamental pruning and detail have been a welcome addition to this, the oldest department at fleurdetroit. With his affable personality, Mike has added to the talents and soul of his department. Fast tracking as a true fleurdetroit fixture, Mike has a long future ahead of him with the family.  


Meet the ladies that I consider my sisters and dear friends of fleurdetroit. These devoted women have been with us for many years and are a steady force in keeping the properties at a fleurdetroit high level aesthetic. These ladies treat every property with care and devotional pride.  


Meet the ladies that I consider my sisters and dear friends of fleurdetroit. These devoted women have been with us for many years and are a steady force in keeping the properties at a fleurdetroit high level aesthetic. These ladies treat every property with care and devotional pride.  


Brand new to the team, Ryan’s eager aptitude towards detail is adding to the team’s already tight dynamic towards perfection.  


Hello Petra! Meet the lady that puts the shine on shine. A steady force, Petra is methodical in her approach to property maintenance and gardening. Her smile and curt humor are the sweet and salty that the whole team loves.  


New to the team, Juan is a quiet and diligent man. Juan works with the steady ease of a human machine. Hello Juan!  

Central Office


So here I am, hello all! To be humble or to be real? I choose real! I am the chief cheerleader of this crazy family that we have assembled. Supporter to all, mentor to some, patient with most and devoted to the brand. I do more than show up and punch the clock of time. Owning and running an organization has many challenges and stresses, and yet I would not have it any other way. Our collected group of individuals with talents that span an infinite gamut make life here interesting and comfortable. The fleurdetroit ecosystem makes my long commute worth the drive each day.  


The comptroller says, “NO!” “Where are your receipts?” “Hours please.” A longer tenured member of the family, Jamie is the man that keeps the machine running. Don’t let this quiet soul fool you, for he has the brilliance of the brightest Rhodes scholar and the patience of a saint. His ability to juggle all the departments’ needs often leaves me in amazement.


“Tiffany—help!” “Tiffany, can you…?” Everyone knows tiffany’s name…. a long-term family member of the team, Tiffany has certainly worn so many hats over the years. A perennial fleurdetroit mother figure, Tiffany is the fixer, HR manager, central office voice, confidant and friend. What would we be without her ever steady and helpful energy!?  


“Hello, thank you for calling fleurdetroit…” The ubiquitous, sugar-filled voice of our company operator is Jennifer! The eternally pleasant and always helpful voice behind our phone system, Jennifer helps direct clients to the appropriate persons on the team. Her love for our dogs alone makes her a keeper but, her added value also comes from an eagerness to lend a hand wherever needed. This ex corporate lady of the banking world decided she loved the craziness of the fleurdetroit family. Perhaps we need to call in a doctor?  


She runs, she skips, she’s our maven of social media and high priestess of photography. Our one-woman comedy show helps keep the images on brand and team morale on point. If you haven’t met our treasure in central office, make it a goal to meet this immensely talented gal with the infectious giggle. Look for the one with a camera in hand, and a full pot of tea to spill. Don’t be alarmed if you hear her scream, “trash!”  

Container Crew


Jennifer Jenny Jenn… time for fall containers! Email Jenn for your spot in the seasonal container roster. Her design magic and abilities have relieved the pressures from Joe and now she is heading up our container department. Although we have our voice heard on many properties, her ability to manifest the fleurdetroit brand through a planted container is magical.  


Everyone knows Ceci! Ceci has been with us for many years and has certainly become one of my adopted sisters. From her early days in the maintenance department to now being firmly planted in the container department, Ceci has found her passion and we could not be happier for her. Ceci’s trademark “ponytail” gets whipping around when her creativity is flowing. When you see the pony, shout out a hello to Ceci!  


We are meeting Maddi together because she is new to me and new to the team! Welcome Maddi! She is eager to jump in and help facilitate anything. As a new gal on the team, Maddi has the depth and understanding for proportions and design that cannot be taught. Plucked from the retail team, Maddi will now be helping in our holiday installations and container teams, capitalizing on her silent eye towards slick design.  

Grounds Crew


The man that makes sure all the amazing objects and deliveries are unloaded and placed—Mark is the guy. His many talents are given around the design campus when needs arrive. His shiny blue eyes and surfer-styled man bun are his hallmarks and we are so happy he has chosen to grow with our fleurdetroit family.  


Jerry, Big Jim, Joe’s dad has as many nicknames as he has talents. He’s the man that makes all the vehicles run and specialty projects happen. When he’s not working on a truck or trailer, he’s peacocking through retail leaving a wake of women turning their heeds and asking, “who’s that hunk?”



New to the team, but not to the world of plants, Max has a passion for obscure and native plants. I learn many new things from many people around fleurdetroit, and this is especially noted with Max. I look forward to talking plants with Max on the daily. Max is charged with maintaining our greenhouses and ensuring that product is of the highest level of aesthetics for the container department and the retail shoppes. We look forward to seeing his magic further unfold over future seasons.  

Floral Department


MALLORY! With her Cheshire smile and sparkly eyes, the snark and wit from Mallory is savored. Who knows how long she has been a part of our family?! Mall is now the floral manager and makes sure all of us are in line. It seems like an eternity that she has been haunting the halls snarking and creating. My adoration for this one goes as far as the love of her impeccable floral designs. Be sure to give her a wink and hello when shopping the floral department.  


Newer to the team, Jessica has planted herself into the floral department where she too offers her creative talents and funny snark. Often perched at the front floral bench producing the daily pieces, she is always approachable to discuss any floral needs.    



Geoffrey without the -rey, as I always call out to him, has become a fun little brother to torment. A steadfast and ubiquitous fixture of the floral department, Geoff’s keen eye is always watching the aesthetics and quality that leaves the work bench. With a dry retort, I often hear him comment on arrangements before they are whisked away for delivery. Geoff is one of my favorites and one really must become acquainted to appreciate his sense of humor and charm.  


He’s the latest addition to the floral department and is easily recognized by his giant smile. Known for his architecturally significant arrangements, Li Li doesn’t disappoint when a “wow” arrangement is needed. Young and fresh without the knacker of time, his personality is the needed levity in the floral department. Make sure to ask him to design something major with lichen branches and orchids for your next fete.  

Delivery Team


A new addition, Zach is the friendly and careful driver that delivers our creations to the doors of all recipients. He is a quiet man with an old-fashioned work ethic.


Hey Paula! Another newbie to the team, Paula is also a diligent and friendly person delivering our creations to recipients with care.  

Warehouse Inventory


She was here, she was there, and now has found her spot in the warehouse processing all the treasures that come in. Her ability to change her look on the weekly makes her one of my favorites to turn to for trend advice.  


Momma Cat has been a lifelong friend and a long-term fleur teammate. She has been haunting these design halls for years as a sales associate, a floral assistant, and then as a delivery driver. Currently she is actively helping in the warehouse in receiving. Her sweet demeanor is the real thing and like a good Italian momma, I can do no wrong! LOL