Welcome, March

With a wave of the wand and a wrinkle of her nose, mother nature set a high temperature record for us Michigan folk this late February, then plunged us into a brief freezing spell. And yet, the early breathy warmth brings all of us outdoors to relish the minor miracle of promises of early spring.

Don’t let the wacky weather deter you from a trip to see the unveiling of our 2024 spring set! The fleurdetroit experience has been juiced up this season with so many more interior objects and found treasures. Our newly curated retail experience is sure to inspire.

Our once precocious, young brand has evolved into a regional staple for mindful and elevated design—a respite for the spirit, a treasure trove of the unexpected object for the home and garden, and most importantly a continuum of a dedicated team. The design campus has certainly grown into a haven for inspired design.

Fleurdetroit welcomes you to the spring season via the March corridor. Don’t mind the lion, he is only here briefly. The entire campus is open for the season! See you in the shoppe and more importantly, be good to yourself!