Welcome Thalia and Bensimon to the fleurdetroit Team!

After a sad start to the spring season with the passing of Vilda—and her brother Soames in December—we now have reason to smile once again with the arrival of Bensimon and his sister Thalia. The rush of the spring flush, and all her verdancy, has brought the ethereal puppy stage once again to our lives.

As older dads, we are relishing every moment of this fleeting stage. With far more patience, we realize that potty training must be embraced along with the curiosity of these new spirits in our lives. Who am I kidding? Potty training is not fun and patience wears thin from time to time. These cute little devils are the most willful siblings out there. We miss the old guard often, and certainly during this training phase even more. We had forgotten how headstrong Weimaraners can be. And yes, we are soldiering forward, while every 15 minutes we drop everything and rush them out to do their thing!

Our fleurdetroit family, team and clients have embraced these pups with open arms and have been fantastic. The wonderful thing about a business like ours is the people we bring together become family, and love to share in these life events.

We look forward to introducing Thalia and Bensimon, siblings in crime, when a visit to fleurdetroit is on your schedule.