Workshops are Back

Experience the art of fleurdetroit by attending our seasonally curated workshops. You’ll learn from our design and floral experts as we guide you in creating your own botanical masterpiece. Each workshop is hands-on, in person, and full of inspiration!

Hands-on Fun

Inspired by the seasons, each of our classes is designed to educate and inspire you. Guided by our experienced team, we lead you step by step in creating your own garden or floral masterpiece to take home. Our goal is to create an engaging and educational experience that leaves you feeling excited and accomplished!

Spring Workshops

Kicking off our workshop series, our first class of the year is our Dish Garden Container Workshop on Saturday, March 23rd. In this class, guests will create an indoor, tabletop dish garden using a variety of plant species. You will learn about plant care, and how to create a long-lasting planting. Our next two spring workshops are floral-based: Designing with Bulb Flowers Workshop on April 20th, followed by our Spring Fling Flower Party Workshop on May 4th. Both workshops focus on creating an arrangement with seasonal flowers. Think about your favorite fragrant spring flowers—tulips, hyacinth and daffodils.

Summer Workshops

Our summer workshop series is HOT! Our highly anticipated Summer Container Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th. In this hands-on class, each participant will a receive a fiber pot and soil and will shop from a selection of sunny summer plants to incorporate. Showstoppers include lantana, mandevilla and larkspur with accents of awesome tropical foliage. Following up on June 20th is a new fleurdetroit workshop, our Leaf Manipulation Advanced Class. In this class, participants will create botanical art using different foliage. Techniques will include folding, rolling, binding and bending.

Our Tropical Heat Floral Workshop comes next on July 20th. In this class, you will be designing with amazing tropical floral varieties such as proteas, orchids and bird of paradise. Tropical arrangements are tall and showy—they are true statements! Our final summer class is the Local and Lush Floral Workshop on August 17th. This class celebrates Michigan's local flower crops such as sunflowers, dahlias and zinnias.

Fall Workshops

Starting off strong this fall is another new fleurdetroit offering. In our Fab French Harvest Wreath Workshop on September 14th, guests will create an autumnal wreath incorporating fresh produce and preserved florals. Let your creativity shine! Our annual Fall Container Workshop on September 21st is all about creating a statement piece for your front door using favorite fall foliage. Similarly to our Summer Container Workshop, each participant receives a fiber pot and soil and will shop from a collection of hardy fall plants and accents. Our final fall workshop is the Gourds as a Vase Workshop on October 19th. In this hybrid garden and floral class, participants will choose a gourd to carve out and create a fall centerpiece using the gourd as your vase—an innovative class!

Winter Workshops

Our seasonal favorite Winter Container Workshop is on November 16th. In this class, participants will create a custom porch pot insert with all of the best seasonal greens and embellishments. Prepare to get dirty in this hands-on class! Following up on November 26th is our Thanksgiving Trough Workshop. The concept of this class is to use seasonal floral and greens, both live and preserved, to create a stunning centerpiece. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of designing with a trough. Our final workshop of the year is our Holiday Wreath Workshop on December 7th. One of our most anticipated classes of the season, this workshop helps students create their own live wreath using freshly cut evergreens and an assortment of seasonal embellishments. Learn wreath techniques from the professionals and leave with your own creation!

Please note that to ensure the highest quality of products sourced and to create an intimate class setting, each workshop has a limited of spots available. Our team has worked hard to prepare a series that is exciting, creative and educational, and we look forward to sharing all of our favorite tips and tricks with you. Register early—and we’ll see you soon in the shoppe!